Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Percy Jackson Dating Profiles

Hello again,

I know I am late - again. But I have a puppy and he needs all of my attention and of course I still have some reading to do. So far I really love the lightning thief. The challenge from yesterday are dating profiles. Since I am not that far yet, it will be pretty easy to guess which one is which. Anyway I will still do it, because it is a fun thing to do.

Here you go:

Candidate Number 1:

Age: 28

Gender: male

Children: None that I know of

Fitness/Body Type: tall, lean, I am quite good at running and climbing

Education: well date me and find it out ;)

Income: None

Occupation: Keeping Demigoods out of trouble of course.

Likes: Coffee, tin cans, enchiladas

Dislikes: Mr. D, Cyclopses, underground places

Looking for: a nice girl

Candidate number 2:

Age: As if that matters

Gender: Male

Children: five but I can't have more since that oath I have sworn

Fitness/Body Type: I am quite tall, and muscular

Education: I have been around for some time, so I know alot

Income: rich

Occupation: Terrorising people

Likes: driving people mad, my dog

Dislikes: My siblings

Looking for: well I have a wife but I always have room for a mistress, if you are interested

Candidate number 3:

Age: You don't ask a woman about her age

Gender: female

Children: 1 son

Fitness/Body Type: come and see for yourself, my son thinks I am quite good looking

Education: I quit college during senior year, but I got my high school diploma through night school

Income: I work in a candy shop, so moderate

Occupation: see above question

Likes: my son, writing

Dislikes: my husband

Looking for: I am still married but not for long so I am looking for a nice guy to settle down with

Well since I don't know the characters that well yet and I am not that good at writing as Inge my result is not that funny but still.


Montag, 11. Juli 2016

Playlist Shuffle Quiz

Well technically this is not my challenge but it sounded like so much fun, that I wanted to give it a go. I am reading the Percy Jackson series for the first time so I hope, I will get anything right. I am a day behind, my apologies, but I just adopted a dog today and I was so excited yesterday, that I could't think straight.

1. This song describes the Percy Jackson series: Don't worry from Madcon
2. This song Annabeth is caught singing at drunk karaoke: Not fair from Lily Allen
3. This song describes the first capture the flag: Milkshake from Kelis
4. This song is playing whilst Percy walks into the realm of Hades: Boom from Anjulie
5. This song describes the Lightning thief plot: Freaks from Timmy Trumpet
6: During the fight with Medusa, Percy, Annabeth and Grover are fighting to this song: Misty Blue from Dorothy Moore
7. Battles! Magic! Possible murder! This song is playing when Percy is stalked by the Minotaurus: One Day from Les Miserables
8.  This song will most likely play at the worst possible moment: You&Me (Flume Remix) by Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle
9. This song describes Percy: Slow from Depeche Mode
10. This song is the finale: Highway to Hell from AC/DC
Well that was really funny. I only saw the movie so if the finale in the book is a bit like in the movie, the last song actually fits :D

I am back on Wednesday with the first Percy Jackson challenge :D